Pheromones are constantly used to boost attraction

Posted by Jon on October 15, 2016
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Pheromones are constantly used to boost attraction. Am trying not to kill my voice her e . So hope fully we won’t get booted off. In case you do I do have some backup plans. I don’ t anticipate a problem which I usually encash but for many years and I have no idea what happened last time we tried pheromones.

But I don’t foresee any problems but I just wanna make sure you guys can hear me alright because I’m using it as a head set . Is it coming loud and clear? So I think it actually turned out fairly well though that we didn’t have it because I didn’t get a lot of questions from people on the calls which actually I was able to get a better idea of where people are and that where people are struggling with pheromone production. So I’ve written a little bit of what I plan to do and that’s one reason why I like the teleconference calls once in the four week format as well because what you say on the phone and then also when you guys email me about what you’re struggling with actually helps me to really tailor so that that’s something rather than just blasting to get bunch of information out of people who adore true pheromones.

This is kind of the way I prefer to do it and because you were actually on the c all usually end up getting a lot more out of it. The group starts to think you know towards the end of the second call then the third call is usually where most of the progress is made. Another reason why its beneficial is because the audio that I handed out on the scales her pheromones. Learn more at and Actually I think I think it’s the best idea that you guys have that before and at some time to go over it because to me that and the similarities and differences are two of the most powerful techniques we have in our toolkit, especially when we are talking about game. Because there is a lot of confusion, we call it the game, and am not even sure where that term came from. So to call you know picking up women …you know… the game of pheromone attraction . But it’s very out description … what the problem is most people are so confused about it that they have mistaken team mates for obstacles and sometimes even the goal.

And you trying to have sex with her that night. Total confusion . You trying to have sex with her that night and then all statements you know they used to call future interest projection a real big thing in the community. When I first got into it like “ oh man ! I’m going to go you know how we’re going to work to go on top of the what’s a big building in New York and you know try to building a get and look down at the people and make fun of them it’ll be great!


Pheromones Right Now

Posted by Jon on August 23, 2016
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That completely freed me to verbally escalate and for most of the next hour we were talking about all of the sexual pheromone things we wouldn’t be doing tonight. Her buying temperature was crazy-hot, and her eyes were sparkling. She couldn’t keep her hands off me. I went for the extraction again my natural pheromones. “C’mon, I’ll make you those cocktails. Nothing is gonna happen because we’ve already agreed we’re not fucking.Again she resisted. No. Not tonight.”Look at me. Don’t you trust me?She whimpered, ”I don’t trust myself then threw herself onto me again. Damn it was frustrating by having smaller pheromones.

I was thinking only a back-alley pheromone was possible, if anything. I took her outside and before long we were in some dark doorway making out big time. She was so horny but simply would not escalate to skin—on- skin. I was trying to put my hand down her pants but she was saying no. She was properly wet and I was unmoved on the inability to extract, or to rip her trousers down right there. I did try. I figured it’s better to be a pushy arsehole than a wimpy beta pheromone user according to I tried unzipping her, she refused.You’re just trying to get me hot so I change my mind.”

Well, yes. But instead I said, ”No. I’m giving you are preview of what you’ll get next time we meet.”“You sound sure we’ll be fucking, she gasped.€Because we will and you know it that pheromones make a huge difference.She was squirming. She put her hands down my trousers to grab my dick, then pushed her crotch against it. Soft moans escaped from her lips and her knees were wobbling. I growled into her ear, ”I’m showing you that I go after what I want.That’s for sure! she gasped.After about an hour, I put her on the train home. I tried everything and couldn’t get her over the hump. Learn more about pheromones at While my balls ached, I tucked this one away in my mind as a nice reference experience. I’m a mid €”thirties guy and I just met a twenty €”two year old in the street and came within a whisker of fucking her the next day. Nice.

The committed relationship, so I didn’t bother asking for her number. There was also a nice Vietnamese girl who gave me a Facebook but said she was on her way to meet her boyfriend. Good experiences but nothing memorable.
Guyana girl was early. She never did give me her real name as initially when I took her number I’d put her in my phone as Crazy Guyana Girl and she let me run with that. She said her nickname was “UV”. Immediately upon UV arriving I started a gamey routine Mick taught me. I offered her my arm (she took it) and we went towards the first bar.“Now I realize this is a date but that doesn’t mean you can just kiss me. I need trust and connection first. I’m not just a piece of meat.”She gave me a long obvious look up-and-down, smiled and replied, €


I Like Human Pheromones

Posted by Jon on November 12, 2015
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I like human pheromones and I enjoy reading his posts, theyre pretty good most of the time. I’m sure he has his methods and they work too.
When i told u to do it I knew 1. u would resist at first bc its out of your reality 2. if by a miracle u did do it, it would sound unnatural and uncaliberated. BUT it would get u into a pimp mode mind set with natural pheromones.
EDIT: I said from the beginning I didn’t read a single post besides the title of the thread. So my advice isn’t to pimp it with THIS ONE GIRL. It’s to change ur mindset to pimp mode where ur eventually pimping it with more girls. I’m still in the process of that myself. If it means sacreficing one girl be it. Teases have no chance when dealing with a pimp now do they with real pheromone cologne?
Yes that was pretty transparent. I’m too invested so ruin it with her and move on. Got it.
In a way the intentionally avoiding pheromone situations like these doesn’t come from an abundance mindset at all. I rather seems to come from a fear of feeling stronger emotions than mild affection. Being able to care deeply about someone or at least have a vested interest  in making something out of it isn’t automatically being clingy. I can still go about my day and feel this desire. I can keep of the pursuit and still want her. 
That’s all fine, but breaking it off either negatively or positively, be it through a joke, a deliberate fuck up or trying to hurt her feelings, that’s succumbing to the tension that uncertainty brings more pheromone production in men. Well that’s what I’m saying about human pheromones. I’m not afraid to become invested. As long as it doesn’t compromise my functioning, as long as it doesn’t chip away at being sharp and driven then I’m okay with opening myself emotionally. I will still walk away any time things aren’t working out on my pheromone production according to and
I will remember the knee trick for whenever I’m a bit closer to a girl. I love making girls do stuff like that over a distance. This one also definitely seems up for all that, once she’s tamed.
You know guys, – unlike my elite clients, I work out for the pheromones experience of it! I simply LOVE it! – Even if I would never grow stronger, I would still lift! Use pheromone colognes to dramatically increase your appeal according to
Some would see what I do as an investment! – Etc. a friend of mine, that is a great aikido fighter, told me: “if you can’t transfer your gym skills to a street fight, you are wasting your pheromones investment! – You should dump the weight and start, going with me to aikido”… 
Well NO! – Get it? 
There really IS a differences here, – if you do what other call’s investing, because you love the experience of it, – then it’s fine to do it! – Fuck what they think about it!
It’s really because: “geek” has a certain frame from his experience with girls: he ONLY does what he does with the girl to GET HER…. So in his eyes, the other dude has to stop “investing” because that is not going to get him to “get the girl”